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Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions

The night before:

1. If your pet normally stays outdoors overnight, he/she must stay indoors the night before the procedure.

2. Pets over 4 months old MUST have food withdrawn after 9 pm the night before the procedure. This ensures that your pet's stomach is empty by the time he/she is anesthetized for the procedure. This lessens the chances that your pet will vomit and aspirate (breathe in) the vomit into his/her lungs. If your pet has consumed food on the morning of the scheduled procedure, we will reschedule the procedure for another day to ensure your pet's safety.

3. Pediatric pets (younger than 4 months) should have food available to them until 6:00 am on the morning of the procedure. This helps to avoid decreased blood sugar levels.

4. Water should NOT be withdrawn before surgery.

Post-Operative Instructions

After the procedure:

1. You may offer your pet food and water when they return home. If you are bringing your pet home on the day the procedure was performed only offer small quantities of food and water for the first day.

2. Your veterinarian will want to have you reduce your pet's activity level for the next 1-14 days depending on the procedure performed.

3. Do not bathe your pet if there has been surgery.

4. If your pet has a bandage it is important to keep it clean and dry until your next scheduled visit. If the bandage becomes wet (water/urine) before your next scheduled appointment, you will need to have the bandage changed/removed early. A wet bandage can increase the risk of infection.

5. If your pet has been prescribed an Elizabethan collar, it is imperative to use the collar as directed. Removing the collar prematurely may result in delayed healing, infection, or the need for additional surgery.

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